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Original Buckwheat Pillows®
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Medical Endorsement :

"Having practiced medicine in the traditional North East United States for more than two decades I have seen my fair share of osteoarthritis as well as other debilitating orthopedic diseases. I endeavor to find the least invasive treatments that yield the highest degree of relief for my patients. I have found that Original Buckwheat Pillows help to restore the natural curve of the spine and they also provide ideal support for the body after a surgery and they are perfect for achieving a comfortable sleep. I fully endorse Original Buckwheat Pillows® and always recommend them to my patients with chronic orthopedic pain."

Daniel M. Turk M.D.
Lockport,  New York


Customer's Feedback:

No other pillow will work ! (Karen, CO)
We have been using buckwheat pillows for over 10 years. I have ordered from several different manufactures over the years and had much success.

However, I think that when you get something of quality from a company you can spot it right away. With Original Buckwheat Pillow I could tell the difference right away and wanted to write to let other know.

If this is your first time with OBWPs company, then you have come to the right place. When the pillow arrives it's loaded correctly, not over stuffed so it takes a couple nights of loading, unloading to find the right amount, it's JUST RIGHT. The case that the pillow comes in is HIGH quality and thick. Buckwheat no matter what, breaks down a bit and can deposit dust on a pillow case if not thick enough - also the zipper can come lose (of course after many nights of use) but the zipper on the OBWPs pillow looks like it's there to stay in place.

I didn't even go into how good of a night’s sleep and how wonderful you will feel when you wake up. I believe it's even helped me with snoring issues because it contours to you - yes it does take some getting use to (maybe 2 nights), but once you do, no other pillow will work out - all other pillows are just fluff. '-)

Enjoy your pillow - Thanks OBWPs Ms Karen

The ONE & ONLY Pillow! (Donna, ID)
I've had a Sobakawa pillow for at least 10 years and have not had any neck pain since I started using it! Horrors of horrors, I left it in a motel while travelling. Of course the motel could not find it :( I purchased a "magic foam" pillow as a temporary replacement, thinking it was new and improved. Six weeks later, my neck is starting to hurt again. Thank heaven I found your website and have ordered the "One & Only" pillow for me. Thanks!
Lifesaver for gravely ill
I bought this pillow for myself, to fit in the small of my back, to ease my pain. The beauty of the pillow is that once positioned, it does not move. I liked the pillow so much that I ordered two more. Thank goodness I did. My mother, who is dying of cancer, had to go to the hospital. The pillows there were awful, and did not stop her from rolling. I used these pillows, and cannot even begin to tell you the difference its had made for her. She doesn't roll, it supports her, and she can get comfortable. A miracle, considering how sick she is. I recommend that hospitals, and nursing homes buy this product, it provides tremendous relief.
please read this before making a decision (kay, WI)
I have been using a Sobakawa pillow for the last 8 years. It is the only pillow that allows me to rest well. I've read some negative comments with people complaining about it being too noisy and too loud. Initially it is "loud". The buckwheat hulls are not a silent filler. However, if you'd give the pillow a chance, it won't take long until you don't even notice the sound. It is the only pillow that you can fit to your neck. When I go to bed, the first thing that I do is to pick up my pillow and drop it on the bed. It disperses the buckwheat hulls to an even level. When I lay down I pull it down to my shoulders. If there isn't enough buckwheat hulls under my neck, I put my hand under my head and push more towards my neck. It is a very easy pillow to use. I know you can't please everyone but if you really have neck problems this pillow is certainly worth a try.
I LOVE this pillow set. I've been buying every kind of pillow for the last umpteen years and have never been satisfied with what I purchased until now. Oh my gosh, the support this pillow gives is unbelievable. If you are sitting on the fence about this set, just order it and you won't be sorry. I have to agree with the others who commented on keeping your head cool. I don't know how that works, but it does. I'm in those glorious menopause years and talk about hot, this gives me the best nights sleep then I've had in years. I just wish I had purchased it when I first seen it on HSN about 2 years ago. I can't say enough good things about it. It is different from any other pillow on the market that's for sure, I guess that's why I love it!! Thanks for bringing it to us!!
Wonderful and COOL!
This pillow is comfortable and keeps your head cool when you sleep. My 5 year old loves it also since her head does not sweat during nap and bedtime. We also seem to have less allergy symptoms since we have switched to these pillows. Friends at work have tried them and love them also. Give them at least a 2 night trial run...it is a different type of pillow, but you will not be disappointed.
Bev (Beverly, TN)
I first bought these pillows more years ago than I care to count. I wouldn't sleep on anything else and carry it with me when I travel. I have had neck surgery and a spinal fusion and this pillow makes my life much easier. I absolutely love these pillows.
Best investment I've ever made! (Casey, CA)
I love the comfort of these pillows, and plan to buy a set for my mother's birthday. Can't recommend enough!
Thought I would try it & Love it! (Lois, AZ)
I guess I bought what I thought was a "real" Sobakawa years ago but apparently it wasn't so when I saw the show, I thought I would try it again. The first night I slept on this SOBAKAWA that was REAL I was hooked. I gave my husband my down pillow and haven't used it since! No more neck pain.....
My 2 cents worth! (Carolyn, SC)
I just wanted to add my comments to the others as very complimentary towards this product. I also was amused by the funny pillow but thought I'd give it a try. After just a couple of nights I knew I would be using this pillow from now on. I love the way it gives me a comfortable night's sleep and the fact that it conforms to your needs. There's no more tossing and turning for me!
Rare find! (Ryan, UT)
These little gems are hard to find. I first used a sobakawa around 10 years ago. The first night I tried one I was a little skeptical if I would like it. Ten years later... I can probably count on one hand how many nights I've slept without one.
Noisy (Brooke, MD)
This pillow is too noisy to sleep on for me. It sounds like a bean bag. Very disappointing. My daughter likes it though, I guess we all have different opinions!
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When I purchased this pillow I didn't know what to expect. I am a very light sleeper and I was using one of those pricey "memory foam" pillows! Well, the first night I noticed it makess a crunchy sound. So I settled in and went to sleep. The next morning, the minute my head left the pillow, I thought "wow, what a deep sleep I had!". Then I realized what I slept on and my jaw dropped! It has been a week now and I won't sleep on anything else! If you're on the fence about it, JUMP. GET ONE:D

Hard to believe... (Julia, CT)
that this pillow can be so comfortable and supportive. I took them out of the box and felt how heavy and weird they were - like a heavy bean bag pillow and not very stuffed - and I thought Wow, this is gonna hurt! WRONG! I don't understand how these work, really, but they are very comfortable, supportive and actually kind of fun. You can push them and mold them into any shape - plump them up under your neck or back - and they stay that way. I am still amused, every time I lie down on them, that they don't feel like a brick. They DO need some kind of a thick, stretchy cover, though. It needs to stretch or else I think they would feel hard. Please offer some cases like that with zippers that fit them exactly. Thanks! I love these funny pillows!
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comfortable (DIANA, FL)
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I can only rave about this pillow. Although I realize some people will assume it is very noisy, but it is not at all. Besides you will want to put a nice flannel or thicker cotton cover on it. You will find you don't toss and turn anymore. Also you have to sleep on it for more than one night to see the difference. I bought three sets (Pillow + Travel Pillow), one for myself and one for each of my parents. I think this pillow excels when you are a restless sleeper (one who tosses and turns like I do). When I woke up the first morning it seemed as though I fell asleep in the same position. If you are the type (like my father) who can sleep through an earthquake it won’t really change anything. But if you are like my mother going through menopause and she had breast cancer (mastectomy) well then this pillow affords you a better nights rest. To boot my Shih Tzu “Maxie” LOVES the travel pillow, she wont get off of it.
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going back!! (paula, NE)
This has to be the worse pillow ever! It was like sleeping on a rock, and very noisy! Im glad it worked for some but for meits was awful.
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interesting pillow
just received & tried this pillow last night - an interesting change that will take some getting used i think. 1st impression is that it seems ok, but needs more buckwheat inside because it's rather limp, but i'm willing to stay with it to see if i get the same results as others who have written, which is why i bought it. i too feel that a heavy pillow protector/cover is exactly what's needed for these, & wish it was included, or at least offered. tonight i'm doing as others suggested & stuffing both of the pillows in 1 pillowcase (i'm used to queen-size).
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a big WOW!!! from Sheryl in Salem, MA (Sheryl, MA)
I am 46 and have been suffering from headaches/migraines almost my whole life.....about six years ago, i picked up one of these in a Walgreen's and recently by mistake i loaded it in the washing machine with my sheets to be washed....the buckwheat popped like popcorn...no good anymore....i ran to Walgreen's and they no longer carried it; no stores around here even heard about it....I ordered them last week and i am telling you!!THOSE WHO SUFFER from migraines you need this pillow....you will sleep better i rest assure....i have tried $100 dollar pillows; feather pillow and still no relief....the Original Buckwheat Pillows is worth every penny and more.......I highly recommend it

Stiff neck is history (Kim, MD)
For years I have had neck problems accompanied by chronic pain. I have spent $$$ on pillows that were supposed to provide comfort but did not work. This pillow is awesome. Now, I don't leave home with without my Sobakawa. I ordered 2 standard ones last year for my bed and this is now the travel set. I use the small pillow when driving to relieve stress on my shoulder. I don't want to lay my head on anything else.

The best pillow ever! (Kim, NV)
This pillow is by far the best I have ever tried. I have scoliosis and usually it is very painful to lay in any one position for any length of time. Since I began sleeping with this pillow, I can actually sleep through the night without tossing and turning. I just wish it would come in king size.
Great Pillows!!!!!!!!! (Mart, MI)
I've owned these pillows for about 9 years. I bought the first one from a local store and LOVED it. When I went to get another, the store didn't carry them any longer. So, I suffered with my old pillow until I found them on HSN. Since then I've purchased the pillows for myself and have told a couple people at work who, have back problems, and they've also bought them and said this was the best advise they'd ever gotten. Keep up the good work and don't EVER get rid of these pillows!
Love this but... (B., CA)
I loved this pillow! It provided the best night's sleep ever. Conforms beautifuuly to provide a cool, restful sleep. However, I discovered two months later that the buckwheat was causing an allergic reaction and I was waking up often with a swollen face and neck, chronic itchy skin. After several treatments for dermatitis, I was asked to use a new pillow and all my symptoms disappeared. I have yet to find a pillow as good as this one. So, if you have no allergy concerns....BUY IT!
Best pillow ever! (Carol, PA)
I have had this pillow for almost 2 years. I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and neck from a serious car accident 15 years ago and always awoke with severe headaches because of no support in past pillows. This pillow is a godsend! No more headaches. I also bought these pillows for both my adult sons and they absolutely love them! And now with a travel size, I can take it with me! Thanks for a quality product!
sherri of Florida (Sherri, FL)
LOVE THIS PILLOW..This pillow is phenomenal! No more hot a sweaty nights. Comfort is beyond belief. I can't believe the amount of support they give you. May not have the beauty of those fluffy pillows from store, but more support and comfort then they ever dreamed. Great deal!!
This pillow is much too noisy and bulky. I was very disappointed.
Fantastic support !!!
I love these pillows they give you such customized support. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that there was a 1 inch hole in the pillow at the seam. Customer service to care of me and I am happy.Your neck and shoulders will benefit from this product.
Love it!! (Kat, NV)
This pillow is so great! I take the small pillow with me whenever I travel (and I travel alot). I'm very impressed with this item, very pleased. I have tried every type of pillow out there only to find that I'm completely satisfied with this one. When I first saw it on HSN, I thought "You've got to kidding!" I thought it would make crackling type sounds when you lay on it, but not at all. In fact, the pillow doesn't move around or get lumpy. I get such a great night's sleep. And get this....my cat likes it too. I had to purchase another set...hee hee :) Love the buyers at HSN...you found a superb item here.
These pillows I think are great! Since I have gotten mine, I no longer have stiff neck or headaches in morning when I wake up. I was worried at first about this pillow being hot (making you sweat) to sleep on, that is not the case. It is comfortable & does conform to you -- it takes a few days to get use to sleeping on; but, once you have - it's a great night sleep. My favorite pillow is the smaller travel size one, I use that all the time & works well for grandchildren when they take their naps. I am very pleased with mine & I am going to buy a couple more for family members and also for my dog & cat for their crate pillows, I want all to be comfortable too. This is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT & a great buy at this price.

Very uncomfortable pillow!!!!!! (Nicky, VA)
I bought this pillow about a year ago, and I wish that I had sent it back! It is by far the most uncomfortable thing I've ever slept on...I don't see how in the world it got to be a customer pick...It gives me headaches, and leaves me with a stiff neck in the morning...I just can't see how anyone could ever consider this pillow comfortable...I wouldn't recommend this pillow to anyone...very disappointed! :(
Great for Migraines (tracy, AL)
I bought these pillows over a year ago and I LOVE them. I have migraines and this pillow is the one I reach for when I have an attack. One pillow goes under my head and the other on top. They give excellent support and comfort.
No more hot nights (Theresa, LA)
Personally, I get night sweats and can't get cool enough. This pillow does not collect heat! It really takes awhile to get used to, but give it a couple weeks. I don't care about anything else in this pillow, except that it does not get hot. I never have to turn my pillow over to lie on "the cool side" anymore.
Sobakawa Standard and Travel Pillows
I brought this over two weeks ago and they arrived in record time. My son loves the standard pillow; my niece loves the travel pillow. This is a great buy and plan on ordering more very soon.
Awesome Pillows!!! (Robyn, KY)
You cannot beat a Original Buckwheat Pillows...and the value of this set is incredible!!! I first bought a Original Buckwheat Pillows about 10 years ago for about $30 a piece. I needed some new pillows and just happened to be flipping through the channels when this set caught my eye. I have spent literally a $100 for a single pillow in an effort to alleviate my neck pain. These pillows are by FAR the best! Purchase them...you won't be sorry!!!
Won't sleep without them!
I am a huge fan of these pillows. I just bought my second set. I used to always wake up with a stiff neck that would last for days when I used regular pillows. I can honestly say that I have not had a stiff neck in almost two years. I bought them as a gift for my mother as well and she swears by them now also. I would definitely recommend them!

Theres a reason why the price went down. (Michelle, TX)
I bought these pillows at $29.95 and now they are $16.95 there is a good reason for that. They are very uncomfortable and that is the only way they can get rid of their inventory is to bring the price down. Then you cant justify the postage to return them. Dont waste your time or money! I sent mine back!
Fantabulous!!!!!! (Debbie W., WA)
I was introduced to the Sobakawa pillow about eight years ago. I was tired of waking up to a kink in my neck and bad headaches. I'll never go back to a "regular" pillow. The Sobakawa offers my neck and head the best support I've ever known. It conforms to the shape of your neck and head offering comfort that stays right where you want it until you turn over or readjust. I Love, Love, Love this pillow.!!
Love this pillow! (Heather, WA)
I love my Sobakawa Original Buckwheat Pillows! I could hardly sleep on any other pillow without waking up with a headache! The only thing is I wish it was a bit thicker and maybe came with a variety of covers.
Great Pillow (VK, OK)
I have ordered many of these. I have many medical problems, one being surgical menopause, so I have many night sweats and headaches. This is the only pillow I have tried that helps with all my medical problems. I pack my pillow when I travel. I can no longer sleep on a regular pillow. They do smell a little funny at first and you have to get used to the crackling sound, but it's worth giving this pillow a chance. I love mine!
I love this pillow!! (Deena, AR)
I have tried several different types of pillows, but this is the BEST I have ever tried. It conforms perfectly to your head and neck. Once you get used to it, it is very relaxing. The noise was not a big deal to me because once I got comfortable the buckwheat hulls seemed to settle where they were supposed to, even when I rolled over, unless i fluffed the pillow--even then the noise was minimal. It didn't disturb my husband at all. The only complaint I have is that I waited so long to try it!!!
Habit forming!
My first sobakawa pillow was made YEARS ago (it was the smaller size then). At first I heard the buckwheat hulls shifting all night, but I noticed my head and neck were comfortable, and I slept much better. I ordered the standard sized pillows when they first appeared. I put one in my husband's pillowcase. His comment was it was like a 40-pound bean bag. I thought he didn't like it, so changed it out for the "regular" pillow. He REALLY complained then, and has been using it ever since. I carry mine with me wherever I travel. It can also be put into the dryer with a fabric softner sheet, and smell great, if the smell bothers you! You do have it give it some time to adjust to the new feel, but if you do, you will be "hooked"!
Reordering (Kathleen, MA)
My husband and I have both tried this pillow. Prior to purchasing this pillow, when I went to bed at night, I always tossed and turned for 30 minutes or more trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Now, with the sobakawa pillow, I simply lay down and I fall asleep. I finally realized I was tossing and turning all of those years because I couldn't get my old pillows adjusted properly. What a difference! My husband takes his pillow when he travels. Last weekend he went skiing with my son and he was crushed when he returned home and realized he had left his sobakawa pillow at the hotel. He hasn't slept well since. So today I'm ordering a replacement pillow for him and also another pillow for me. I need another pillow for me because my son slept on my pillow once, loved it, and asked if he could have it. I gave the pillow 4 stars because these pillows don't warm up like my old ones, and I like warm pillows.

A wonderful Product (Anthonette, MS)
I was so tired of waking up in the middle of the night trying to 'plump' up my pillow only to wake up in the morning with neck and back pain. I read the reviews on these pillows and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did. They really support your neck and are extremely comfortable. They cost only a fraction of department store pillows and are much more efficient in my opinion. By golly, I can't pronounce the name of these pillow, but they worth their weight in buckwheat gold!
Excellent Product (Daniel, FL)
Thanks to all the reviewers here because I would never have tried this without your glowing testimonials. Who is going to trade all-down pillows for buckwheat hulls? Me! My neck is properly supported for the first time evr, and no more overheated pillows. I'll be ordering more of these, and will be taking them on vacation as well.
Love it! (Toni, OH)
I love this pillow! One review said it didn't seem filled enough, I felt the same way, but I tossed both the standard and travel pillows in a zipped pillow case and it's awesome! I would wake up daily with a sore shoulder and a hand that has fallen asleep. This has NOT happened since I've used this pillow. I agree that it's a little noisy (my husband said it sounds like I'm laying on a bag of cereal), but you get used to it real quick! I've had no problem with odor as some have said, but the seam on mine had a little hole in it; quick fix with a little fabric glue. Worth every penny, I love it!
LOVE IT! (Pam, WA)
I've had neck and back problems for well over 20 years. Since I started using this pillow 3 years ago, I've had fewer stiff necks and/or headaches. Yes, it does take a little time to get use to it: noise and it's not fluffy, but you get use to it quickly. I take it EVERYWHERE I travel, even camping with my horses. Friends laugh when they see me pull it out of my bag. I can't use a regular pillow anymore while sleeping. I also have allergies and haven't had a problem with it. I must have given the larger one as a present, now I want to get some more!
pillows are not just for the head & neck (Elaine, OR)
I had this pillow on the floor by my bed, along with my heating pad. I often need to lay on the heating pad in the morning, so because you should have support under your knees, I grab this pillow. WOW! I was able to bet thin enough to fit just under my hips, thus tilting my pelvus, and have it run up my thigh and be high enough for my knees.
Wonderful Comfort! (Jessica, PA)
I love my Sobakawa pillows! I have neck problems, and these do the trick! I am more comfortable and wake up without having a stiff neck! I have tried many pillows, and none of them have performed quite as well, actually not even close. I would have given a 5 star rating, but I do have one complaint. The lining on the bigger pillow had a hole in it, as if the thread was not sewn properly. I did not feel like spending the money for shipping to send them back, so I sewed it up myself, but I think the quality control needs to sharpen up, instead of me having to sew them up myself.
Love these pillows!!!
I bought these about 1 1-2 years ago and have not used another type of pillow since. My daughter has severe environmental allergies and so I wanted something that was hypo-allergenic. My oldest son has mild allergies so he uses it as well. My son did notice a noise when he first started using it but now doesn't complain about the noise of the shifting buckwheat but nobody else had a complaint. My husband won't use any other pillow and he was a die-hard feather pillow user until I bought these. I even have one extra that I purchased for my almost 2 year old to use when he gets old enough to use a pillow safely. Thanks HSN for a great product!!
Love It! No more hot head.
Thanks to this pillow I don't have wet hair during the night anymore, all my other pillows made me sweat. Takes a night or so to get used to the sound, just when you first lay down, but after that I have never slept better. I have lots of allergies and asthma and have had no reactions to this pillow, it's wonderful. I use a higher thread count pillowcase which makes it softer. My father is constantly turning his pillow during the night because he can't stand a hot pillow, I bought him a Sobakawa pillow last father's day, he said for a couple of days he was not sure because of the crunching and noise, but after that he loved it too, and tells everyone about how he does not wake up all night having to turn his pillow anymore. My mom wants one now too! We all LOVE it and I'm glad to see a travel size now.
Can't live without my Sobakawa
I have been sleeping on a Sobakawa for over 10 years. I ordered one because I was sweating so bad at night. It is cool to sleep on, and I love it. We traveled in a motorhome for five years, and my Sobakawa went with me, also travels with me on cruises, and other visits. I just cannot be without it.

I used these pillows for years and loved the way they felt on my neck... HOWEVER, little did I know that I was allergic to buckwheat and that this pillow was costing me thousands of dollars at the asthma doctor. As soon as I got rid of the pillow I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night coughing and not being able to breathe. Didn't know I was allergic until I ate food containing buckwheat and ended up in the emergency room and had subsequent testing! Now it all makes sense. DON'T USE IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES.
Heavenly sleep!! (Debbie, NY)
I fought every night with my pillow for longer than I care to remember. Last March I had cervical disc fusion and thought my problems were over.Wrong... I was still tossing and turning.After listening to Colleen describe her experience I decided to give the Sobakawa pillow a try. I was a believer after 2 nights and I will not give it up. I even tested myself by trying to sleep on the old pillow after a couple of weeks...15 minutes and I caved. An added bonus is you don't get that dredded "hot head".Thank you HSN for bringing yet another great life changing product to us!
Great pillows! (Renee, NC)
I bought this set and gave my mother the standard size because she has neck and back problems and I kept the travel size for back support while I watch television on my couch. They are firm yet can be shaped to any situation. We both are really enjoying them.
I usually don't give any review. These pillows are really great. At first, I didn't believe what they can do with my neck. After I used them for a week, I went back to use my old down pillow. In the next morning, my neck pain was back. After my test,I bought another two sets as gifts for my family.
Finally a good pillow! (Debi, MO)
I've had mine for about a year now and I absolutely love them! I've tried foam, down, soft, firm, fluffly, flat....but now with the Sobakawa pillow I get good support for my neck and best of all...I don't wake in the middle of the night to flip the pillow over to the cool side. The Sobakawa stays naturally cool all night! I would very much recommend this pillow.
Great night sleep! (Kathy, TX)
I have been using these pillows for about 8 years now. My husband calls it "the brick" because of the weight but I call it my saving grace. I have tried the memory foam pillows and mattress pad, down & feather pillows, etc. Nothing has provided better rest than the Original Buckwheat Pillows. There were a few times when we left town that I forgot my pillow. I didn't sleep well at all so now we just keep one in each car for me and two in my bed! These pillows may not be for everyone but they really are worth giving a try. You just might sleep better for it!
Have used these pillows for *years* (Lynsey, MI)
I absolutely love, love, love these pillows -- I even take them with me when I travel, even for only 1 night. Hint for the travel size: it's 1/2 the size of a regular pillow, so I just put it sideways into a regular pillowcase and fold the case in half .... no need for special pillowcases.
I just love my pillow set and what a great price. I slept all night without waking up which is unherd of for me. I am getting some for gitts. A great product.
Best Pillow I've Ever Slept On (Lin, FL)
I have a chronic disk problem involving my neck, and the pain affects my shoulders and arms as well. I received these pillows about two weeks ago and will not ever be without them. I didn't need more than an hour to get use to them and although the pain is not gone, I am now able to get a few hours sleep each night. I think the buckwheat hulls (or whatever) contours to the neck making tossing and turning a thing of the past. Love them! Wish there was a larger size to purchase. Listen up HSN!!
Bought 2 a few years ago. One for my nephew who loves to put it in the freezer in the summer. He has allergies, which is the number one reason he still uses this pillow. I love it because it feels like my neck in getting a massage. It hit's all of the knots and relives the stress. I just ordered to more sets. I have been waiting for this pillow to return. It just took me one night to get use to. Love it!
Not Smelly
I just read the last review and had to comment. These pillows have no smell. And, as to the sound, after a night or two you don't notice any sound. You're too busy getting the best sleep you ever had.
The Best!
This is the best! I have had mine for about 10 years, everyone in the family uses them. Takes about 3 nights to get totally attached and you will never buy any other pillow to sleep on again. When we leave home to sleep elsewhere our sobakawa goes with us.
Wonderful back support (Barbara, IN)
My friend ordered some of these pillows a few years ago. She kept one, and gave the other one to me. I have a very bad back, and I use my pillow at my side, for the small of my back. I can lay against this pillow, and sleep without back pain. I think it is wonderful. If you have an area of your body that gives you pain when you are trying to sleep, try this pillow for that area of your body. I will amaze you!
Nightmaremaker (Steven, OH)
These were the worst pillows we ever had. We got rid of them. During the night they did not adjust to the changes of the position of the neck and head. They felt comfortable when I first arranged it under my neck. With each turn I made, while sleeping, they became more-and-more uncomfortable. By morning my neck was hurting. We bought four pillows, one for each member of our family. Nobody liked them. The best thing about them was the presentation on the TV. It was impressive. Be careful, it may not turn out to be as wonderful as the presaentation lets you expect.
My most favorite thing in the world!!! (LMS, NY)
I have had my pillow for 1 week. My sleeping experience is great. As a busy working mother I average 5 maybe 6 hours a night (if I am lucky). My schedule requires for me to get up by 5:00am. My sleep quality is so improved. I am turning everyone in my department on to these pillows.
Love, Love, Love It! (Lynn, WI)
I have suffered with neck problems for years and I have tried just about everything. The very first night I tried it - I slept completely through the night which is unheard of for me. I wake up without my neck cracking and aching. My husband told me that I have also stopped snoring! I am so glad I listened to Colleen rave about this pillow - try it - it really works.
best pillow I've ever tried
It did not take a week for me or my husband to get used to. Last night we recieved our pillows and we used them and it was the best nights sleep we have ever had. My husband has a problem with pillows getting hot and this one lasted all through the night without him having to turn it over. I have always had a problem with neck pain and shoulder pain and this pillow is the answer. I am so happy we decided to purchase this I just cannot find words to express my happiness. Try this pillow it is worth it.
I cannot sleep without my Sobakawa pillow and I absolutely love it. I ordered mine years ago when it first came on the air and then ordered the larger size when it became available (no longer available but should be brought back). My 20 yrs. old son took my smaller size and he loves it too. I take (my large) pillow on trips with me and carry into hotels. I have even left it twice accidently and driven back for it because I can't sleep without it. Foam smells and feathers don't offer much support but the Sobakawa pillow doesn't smell and offers great support. Takes getting used to the sound of the buckwheat hulls shifting when you move but well worth it. I would highly recommend this product.
My kids love these pillows!!! (Michelle, PA)
We first purchased Sobakawa Pillows 2 years ago, my kids absolutely adore these pillows. My 12 year old son takes his where ever he sleeps and shares it with no one! I'm so excited that HSN now has a travel size, great for back support on those long road trips. Try it, you won't go back.

don'y give up... (Cynthia, NY)
You are not going to put your head on this pillow and say "WOW, This is comfortable." It takes 5 to 7 days to get used to...but well worth the wait. I never wake up with a stiff neck anymore. Everynight you have to rearrange it, but it is great.
Won't leave home without it! (Mary, MN)
We love our Sobakawa pillows and I am so glad to see the travel size back. It takes a few nights to get used to these pillows, but they are the best for people with back and neck problems. No more tossing and turning, no more waking up with a neckache or backache. I'm stocking up!!
It's Finally Back
My husband and I have been waiting for this pillow to come back. We bought ours several months ago and wanted to buy more to have on hand and for traveling but HSN was out. These pillows are wonderful. My husband doesn't have the back problems that he used to have and I haven't had a crick in my neck since we got our pillows. They may take some getting used to at first but after a night or two you won't want to be without them. My husband has been hesitant to take his on his business trips because he was afraid he would forget his. Now you offer them in traveling size and that's just what we need, too. These pillows are so comfortable. We'll never use any other kind.
never sleep with a regular pillow again! (stacey, MA)
don't listen to the last review.this is the best pillow i've ever tried.i have been ordering them for years,and this is my 3rd purchase.it does take a night or two to get used to this style pillow,but it's worth it.my husband is also addicted to this pillow.i have allergies and this is perfect.i have not yet recieved them yet but i am sure it is of the same great quality.i had recently e-mailed customer service to find out when these would be back and to my great surprise here it is!!

takes a week! (susan, FL)
takes a week to get used to them but after that you can't sleep without your Sobakawa! The best!!!!!!---only probem is, you've got to travel with one too cause you can't ever go back to hotel/motel pillows after you've used a Sobakawa. Simply the greatest! Have had ours for over 10 years and could never go back to a conventional pillow!



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